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Three Tips To Get Your Fridge Running At Top Capacity

February 2022

It’s shaping up to be a very hot Aussie summer, so having everything running smoothly in your fridge, the drinks fridge out the back or even a full-blown commercial refrigeration system is more important than ever. Not just to keep your beer icy-cold, a well-working fridge can increase the longevity of ingredients and meals, keep you safer from bacteria born in the heat and help you save money on produce when it is frozen fresh. Your fridge is a huge investment, so make sure you are looking after it right. Here are three tips to ensure your fridge system is running at its best capacity.

1# Check It Out

Keeping dairy, meat and fresh produce cool is paramount – especially in the recent weather. If you’re a home cook or a commercial chef, your safety is crucial. Don’t risk it, get your refrigeration unit looked at by a fully licenced electrician today.

2# Regularly Defrost

Find your fridge’s instruction manual and perform a full fridge defrost and clean. Removing the ice build-up from the back can help get fans moving properly and also free up space in the compartments.

3# Minimise

We all love to treat ourselves at the shops and stock up on our favourites, but make sure your produce bin doesn’t become a graveyard for vegetables, or your condiment shelf doesn’t become a sticky mess of sauce. Making sure you are using what is in your fridge and keeping it to a minimum will keep your food clean, free from mould and give you an easier idea of the food you do have, to save you money on doubling up in the future.

Give us a call today to ensure your fridge systems are up-to-standard! No job is too big or too small for us here at Kerr’s Electrical, with over 47 years’ experience in appliances and electricians that are friendly and fully licensed in refrigeration electrician work. With AfterPay and ZipPay available up to $15,000, now is the time to work with us to ensure your refrigeration systems are up to scratch.

How Can You Prepare For Fire Season?

January 2022

As an Australian, fire season is just another of the hardships we face. Depending on where you live and the type of heat in the year, it can be a very severe problem for a lot of Australian residents. This is why it is important that you prepare effectively for the fire season, to make sure you’re not in hot water as it hits us this summer.

1# Get Your Fire Alarm Professionally Checked

A working fire alarm is essential, and when summer’s heat beats down upon us, that essential becomes critical. Ensure your fire alarms and smoke detectors are meeting standards with Kerr’s Electrical. Working fire alarms save lives, so don’t leave this one out.

2# Clean Your Gutters

It may sound straightforward, but a lot of people forget. Get out there these holidays and ensure your gutters are clear of all leaves, sticks and debris.

3# Make a Fire Plan

If you are in an area where you may need to evacuate or stay and fight a fire, make sure you have a comprehensive plan if that time arises. Pack a fire emergency kit and stay up-to-date with the news.

Give us a call today if you need your fire alarm or any electrics checked as we progress into the hottest months of the season!

Is Your Aircon Unit Summer Ready?

January 2022

An air-conditioning unit is an Aussie essential – there’s nothing worse than sweating away with the cricket on, drinking a warm beer and batting away mozzies with no relief in sight. It’s already been a hot season, so are you just going to let your air conditioning unit continue to work at its half capacity, wasting your time and money?

You can clean your unit yourself, but nothing will get your unit functioning its best better than a chemical clean. Who knows, after an inspection, you may realise there is something that needs repairing!

Before you brush off this advice, let us ask you a question; did you know that after January 30th 2022, only specially licenced electricians are able to work on ducted air conditioning systems?

Your air conditioner is serious business, so make sure you book in for an inspection, chemical clean or repair to ensure you are breathing clean air, while also saving on your energy bill and lengthening the lifespan of your unit. By removing the trapped dust and debris with a qualified electrician, your unit will be able to function at optimum capacity.

Don’t put it off any longer, book yours today!